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NMPlot Screen Captures

Click on a thumbnail image to display the full-size screen capture.

Contour Plot

NMPlot can display a georeferenced data set using contours. The following plot is of the predicted noise levels around Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, as calculated by the United State Air Force's Noisemap noise model. The light gray lines are the flight tracks taken by aircraft in the simulation.

Color Gradient Plot

NMPlot can display data sets using smoothly varying color gradients. The following plot shows a small canyon in southern Utah that has been flooded by Lake Powell. It was created using gridded elevation data. Color gradient plots can bring out subtle details in your data that are difficult to see using contours.

Plot with Background Map

NMPlot can display contours over background maps. The following plot of predicted noise levels is shown over a map of Holloman Air Force Base. The map data consists of 1:100,000 Digital Line Graph (DLG) files downloaded from the United States Geological Survey web site.

Opacity Support

NMPlot can display data using translucent colors that allow the background (for example, a background map) to show through. The following color gradient plot shows predicted noise levels around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, displayed over a georeferenced bitmap background map.

Plot Configuration

NMPlot gives you full control over all aspects of your plot's appearance. The following dialog box is used to configure a plot's color gradient options. The options displayed by this screen capture were used to create the plot shown in the "Opacity Support" section above.

Grid Summary Report

NMPlot can create concise summary reports of georeferenced data sets.

Combine Grid Dialog Box

NMPlot can modify georeferenced data sets in a variety of ways. The following dialog box is used to mathematically combine two data sets.

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