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NMPlot Sample Movies

NMPlot can create movies from a series of grids. These movies are essentially animated plots; each movie frame consists of a plot of one of the grids. See Creating Movies in the NMPlot User's Guide for more information.

This page showcases movies created by NMPlot. The movies are distributed as AVI files which can be played using a third-party multimedia application (for example, Windows Media Player).

Please note that the data presented on this page represents hypothetical scenarios. The data was generated for the express purpose of demonstrating NMPlot's movie-making capabilities.

Animated Contour Plot

This movie displays noise level contours at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, as predicted by the Noisemap 6.3 aircraft noise model. The movie depicts the changes that would occur to the noise contours if the number of aircraft operations was gradually increased by a factor of ten.

The background is a compressed ARC digitized raster graphics (CADRG) map: specifically, 5NINM1520 from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

nmplot_movie_contours.avi (1.07 MB)

Animated Color Gradient Plot

This movie also depicts the noise levels at Dover Air Force Base. However, instead of contours, a color gradient plot is used.

nmplot_movie_colorgradient.avi (1.64 MB)

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