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Patching the Integrated Noise Model (INM) to Run on Computers Faster Than 200 MHz

Older versions of the United States Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated Noise Model (INM) use the MS-DOS version of NMPlot to generate contours. In July 1998, a problem came to light which resulted in NMPlot (and therefore INM) failing on computers faster than 200 MHz. INM would report an error message saying that no contours were produced. If NMPlot was run independently, it would immediately generate the fatal error message "Runtime Error 200".

This problem was due to a bug in the Turbo Pascal runtime library. NMPlot has been recompiled using a patched version of this library. This new version (NMPlot 3.06) will run on any machine.

To patch INM, perform the following steps...

  1. Download NMPlot 3.06, the latest MS-DOS version, from http://wasmerconsulting.com/nmplot_dosversion.htm.

  2. Using an unzipping tool such as WinZip, extract the file nmplotx.exe from the downloaded ZIP file. Replace the version of nmplotx.exe that ships with INM.

  3. INM should now run without error on machines faster than 200 MHz.

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