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NMPlot User's Guide, Chapter 5: Viewing Grids

Opening a Grid

To open a grid in NMPlot, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Open from the File menu. The standard Windows dialog box for opening files is displayed. Familiarity with the use of this dialog box is assumed.

  2. Navigate to the directory where your grid file is located, then open the file. Grid files typically have the extension .grd.

  3. A Grid Document window appears, displaying the contents of the grid.

The Grid Document Window

The Grid Document window displays the contents of a grid. The window has two panes. The Summary pane displays a concise summary of the grid. The Details pane displays an exhaustive list of the grid's contents.

Use the tabs at the top of the window, just below the title bar, to switch between the two panes. To display the Summary pane, click on the tab labeled Summary, or press Alt + S. To display the Details pane, click on the tab labeled Details, or press Alt + D.

The Summary Pane

The Summary pane of the Grid Document window displays a summary of a grid in report form.

You can scroll through the report, print it, and save it as an HTML document. See Document Display Control for details.

See A Sample Grid Summary Report for a sample summary report.

The Details Pane

The Details pane of the Grid Document window displays a complete list of the contents of a grid. It is intended for advanced users who need more detail than the Summary pane provides. If you are just learning NMPlot, it is recommended that you skip this section, and return to it if you later find that the Summary view does not provide enough information.

The Noise Model Grid Format (NMGF) Standard

In order to use the Details pane, you will need to understand the Noise Model Grid Format (NMGF) standard. NMGF is a documented way of representing a grid and its auxiliary information as a group of named sections. An introduction to NMGF is available in Introduction to the Noise Model Grid Format. Complete NMGF documentation is available from the NMGF web page, http://wasmerconsulting.com/nmgf.htm.

Internally, NMPlot processes all grids using NMGF. If you open a grid file that is stored in a format other than NMGF, NMPlot will automatically translate the data into the NMGF format as it reads the file.

The Details pane displays the grid as raw NMGF sections.

The NMGF Section List

The top portion of the Details pane lists all NMGF sections in the grid. Each item in the list represents a section. Here is an example.

For each NMGF section, five pieces of information are displayed, from left to right.

  1. A symbol indicating the presence of subsections. A small dot indicates that the section does not have subsections. A plus sign indicates that the section has subsections.

  2. An icon for the section type. In the example above, the icon is .

  3. The four-letter name of the section type. In the example above, the four-letter name is LINS.

  4. A short description of the section type. In the example above, the short description is Line Geographic Feature.

  5. A summary of the data stored in the section and its subsections. In the example above, the summary is Category = Flight Track, Name = 16A1.

Click on the plus sign to the left of the section to view its subsections. The subsections will be displayed.

One section in the list is always selected. This section is highlighted with a different background color. Click on a section to select it.

The NMGF Section Browser

The bottom portion of the Details pane contains the section browser. It displays the contents of the section currently selected in the section list.

You can copy text from the browser window to the clipboard. To do so, first select the desired text by dragging over it with the mouse. Then, copy the text by either a) choosing Copy from the Edit menu, or b) pressing Ctrl + C.

Resizing the Section List and Section Browser

To change the relative sizes of the section list and section browser windows, use the mouse to drag the separator between the two windows.

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