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Wasmer Consulting - NMPlot - User's Guide - Introduction

NMPlot User's Guide, Chapter 1: Introduction

What is NMPlot?

NMPlot is a Microsoft Windows application for viewing and editing sets of georeferenced data points. These data sets, also know as grids, represent measurable quantities that vary with geographic location. Examples include noise levels around an airport, monthly records of rainfall across a state, and water temperature measurements in a lake.

What Can NMPlot Do?

NMPlot has the ability to:

Brief History of NMPlot

The original development of NMPlot was sponsored by the United States Air Force (USAF) and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (US FAA). It was developed to produce contour plots for their airport noise models.

Version 1.0, released in May 1989, was a Microsoft MS-DOS application. It was written in Borland Pascal, and had limited capabilities. Numerous successive versions have steadily increased its power and features.

In January 1997, work began on a Microsoft Windows version of NMPlot. As part of this project, the entire application was ported to C++, numerous sections were rewritten from scratch, and the user interface was modified to conform to Microsoft Windows conventions. The first Microsoft Windows version of NMPlot was released in February, 1998.

While NMPlot was originally designed to support noise models, it is neutral to any particular application domain. It can just as easily process data from other types of models (for example, air pollution models) or from sources other than computer models (for example, measured data).

NMPlot is currently shipped as the standard graphical analysis tool of the following applications.

Distribution License

NMPlot is distributed as acknowledgement-ware: it may be freely used and distributed, provided that Wasmer Consulting is acknowledged as the author.

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