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NMPlot User's Guide, Chapter 2: Getting Started

Minimum System Requirements

To take full advantage of NMPlot, your computer should meet the following minimum requirements.

Obtaining NMPlot

Visit the NMPlot web page, http://wasmerconsulting.com/nmplot.htm, to download the latest version of NMPlot.

If desired, you can subscribe to the mailing list, and be notified by e-mail when new versions of NMPlot are released. See the NMPlot web page for additional information.

Installing NMPlot

NMPlot is distributed as a self-extracting WinZip file. Installation consists of nothing more than uncompressing the NMPlot files and copying them onto your hard drive. To install NMPlot, follow these steps.

  1. Go the the NMPlot web site, http://wasmerconsulting.com/nmplot.htm, and click on the Download NMPlot link. A file named install_nmplot.exe will be transferred to your computer.

  2. From Windows Explorer or My Computer, find the file install_nmplot.exe and double-click on it. The Installing NMPlot dialog box appears.

  3. In the Unzip To Folder text box, type the name of the directory where you wish to install NMPlot. Press the Browse button to display the Browse for Folder dialog box, which allows you to select an existing directory.

  4. Press the Unzip button. The NMPlot files are copied to your hard disk. NMPlot is now installed.

  5. The file install_nmplot.exe is no longer needed. Delete it if you wish.

Upgrading to a Later Version of NMPlot

To upgrade to a later version of NMPlot, simply perform a normal installation, noting these points.

All NMPlot configuration information is stored in the file NMPlot.cfg. This file will not be overwritten when you install later versions. Therefore, your configuration will be preserved.

Uninstalling NMPlot

The NMPlot installer does not make any hidden changes to your computer. In particular, it does not install any files in the Windows or System directories, and does not modify the registry. To uninstall NMPlot, simply use Windows Explorer or My Computer to delete the directory where NMPlot is installed.

Starting NMPlot

To start NMPlot, follow these steps.

  1. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the folder where NMPlot is installed.

  2. Double-click on the NMPlot icon, , labeled NMPlot.exe.

Viewing the Sample Files

To verify that NMPlot is functioning correctly, you can open the sample files. Follow these steps.

  1. Start NMPlot.

  2. Choose Open from the File menu. The standard Microsoft Windows dialog box for opening files is displayed. Familiarity with the use of this dialog box is assumed.

  3. Navigate to the directory where NMPlot is installed, and open the file Sample Plot - Map Overlay.nmp. A sample plot is displayed, showing contours over a background map.

  4. If desired, repeat the previous two steps and open the other sample files. List of NMPlot Files briefly describes the sample files.

Getting Help

Press the F1 key at any time to access NMPlot's extensive online help system. Press Ctrl + F1 to display the NMPlot User's Guide table of contents. Accessing Help discusses the help system in detail.

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