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NMPlot User's Guide, Chapter 11: Displaying Grid Data Points

NMPlot can display a grid's data points on a plot. The location of each data point is marked with a symbol, and optionally labeled with the point's value.

To display the data points of a plot's primary grid, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Grid Data Points page of the Plot Options dialog box.

  2. Check the box labeled Show Grid Data Points.

  3. You can choose to display only a portion of the data points in your grid: for example, every third point. This can make your plot less cluttered.

    Select which subset of the data points to display: every second data point, every third data point, etc. Select Show every data point to display all data points.

  4. NMPlot supports the concept of nested subgrids: i.e., sets of data points that double the resolution of a portion of a grid. Nested subgrids can, in turn, have their own subgrids.

    If your grid contains nested subgrids, you can choose to show only the data points in a portion of the subgrids. This is an alternative way to make your plot less cluttered.

    Type the maximum nesting level of the subgrids that you want to display. This can be any integer between zero and 999. A nesting level of zero means that no subgrids are displayed, while a nesting level of 999 means that all subgrids are displayed.

  5. Symbol: Choose the symbol used to display data points on your plot. Press the Select Symbol button to display the Select Symbol dialog box, which allows you to browse the available symbols. See Symbol Control.

  6. Color: Select the color used to display data points. See Color Control.

  7. Label Data Points: Check this box to label each data point with its value.

    • Font: Select the font used to label data points. Press the Select Font button to display the Font dialog box, which allows you to browse the available fonts. See Font Control.

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