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A lightweight GIS application for viewing and editing georeferenced data

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Version 4.969
What's New?
NMPlot is available as acknowledgement-ware: it may be freely downloaded, used, and distributed, provided that Wasmer Consulting is acknowledged as the author.
Microsoft Windows XP or later
20 MB disk space
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See Getting Started in the User's Guide for help on installing, upgrading, and uninstalling NMPlot.
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What is NMPlot?

NMPlot is a Microsoft Windows application for viewing and editing sets of georeferenced data points. These data sets, also know as grids, represent measurable quantities that vary with geographic location. Examples include predicted noise levels around an airport, monthly records of rainfall across a state, and water temperature measurements in a lake.

NMPlot can produce contour and color gradient plots, apply mathematical transformations to grids, combine two grids, and interface with GIS systems.

NMPlot reads and writes NMGF files. NMGF is a standard file format used to store grids. Information about the NMGF format is available on the NMGF home page.

The development of NMPlot was sponsored by the United States Air Force (USAF) and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (US FAA) to produce contour plots for their airport noise models. More recently, it has been incorporated into other third-party applications. NMPlot is currently shipped as the standard graphical analysis tool of:

While NMPlot was originally designed to support noise models, it is neutral to any particular application domain. It can just as easily process data from other types of models (for example, air pollution models) or from sources other than computer models (for example, measured data).

What Can NMPlot Do?

NMPlot has the ability to:

Using NMPlot With Your Data: A Quick-Start Guide

To use NMPlot with your data, it will be necessary to translate the data into the NMGF format, which NMPlot can read. Information on how to do so, including a quick-start guide, is available on the NMGF home page.

To display your data with a minimum amount of effort, follow these steps.

  1. Create a NMGF file containing your data as described on the NMGF Quick-Start web page.

  2. Start NMPlot, select Open from the File menu, and read the NMGF file.

  3. Select Create Plot of This Grid from the Grid menu to create a contour plot of the data.

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