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Wasmer Consulting - Fred Wasmer

Fred Wasmer

President, Wasmer Consulting

I grew up in the tiny town of Twist, in the Mississippi River bottomland of eastern Arkansas. It was a land of soybeans and wheat; of cotton, catfish, and rice.

My father was a farmer. His father was a farmer. But I knew, from quite an early age, that I wouldn't be carrying on the family business. As far back as I can remember, science and engineering have called to me. Every summer, I worked on the farm, saving what money I earned. Every autumn, I spent it on some new scientific gadget: a telescope, a weather station, an electronics kit.

In 1978, I bought my first computer: a Radio Shack TRS-80. There wasn't much packaged software back then, so I wrote my own, and soon discovered that I had something of a knack for it. Indeed, I was quite good at it. I have been programming ever since.


M.S. in Computer Science
University of Florida, 1993
Thesis : "A Simulation of Adaptation by Natural Selection of Phenotypes in an Artificial Ecology", developed as an interdisciplinary project between the Departments of Computer Science and Zoology.

B.S. in Computer Science (Major), Atmospheric Science (Minor)
University of Illinois, 1986


1986-1989, 1993- present
Part-time appointment, Research Specialist
Physics Department
University of Illinois at Chicago

Wasmer Consulting

Part-time appointment, Science, Engineering, & Technology Division
D & E Technical
Champaign, Illinois

1986 to 2006
Part-time appointment, Research Associate
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, Illinois

Professional Experience

While an undergraduate, I was awarded an internship with a collaborative research group based at the University of Illinois (UI) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). I became increasingly involved with this group during my senior year, and upon graduation accepted an appointment as a research associate. This position proved to be an outstanding educational experience, allowing me freedom to explore many facets of university and national lab research and development programs.

In 1989 I founded Wasmer Consulting and began independently soliciting software development contracts. Building on my past experience, Wasmer Consulting focused on scientific and engineering software.

While software development is my area of specialization, my appointments with ANL and UI, along with my thesis work at the University of Florida, have given me a strong background in engineering and science. This has proven valuable while developing engineering and scientific applications.

A sampling of the projects I have completed includes:

Personal Information

I currently live in Gainesville, Florida, with my wife, Fiona, a veterinarian who recently received her Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Florida. We share our house with three cats: Brutus, Polly, and Clyde.

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities, including photography, canoeing, hiking, and camping. I also enjoy traveling, and have taken many trips throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia. And finally, I love good food and wine: my wife and I have elevated eating out to an art form.

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