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BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 15: Editing Radials and DME Arcs

A radial is a line on a map that begins at a navigational aid and continues indefinitely along a specified heading.

A DME arc is a full or partial circle on a map that is centered on a navigational aid.

Radials and arcs are often used to define portions of flight tracks (for example, begin a turn when the track intersects a particular radial) and flight profiles (for example, begin a descent when a particular DME arc is reached).

BaseOps allows you to add radials and DME arcs to the maps of flight tracks and flight profiles. This involves three steps.

  1. If it does not already exist, add the navigational aid that anchors the radial or arc. See Editing Point Objects.

  2. If it does not already exist, create the radial or arc as described in this chapter.

  3. Add the radial or arc to the map of the flight track or flight profile, as described in Annotating Maps with BaseOps Objects.

To work with radials or DME arcs, choose Radials or Arcs, respectively, from the object type selector dropdown list. Radials and arcs can be added, duplicated, and deleted as described in Working with the List Pane.

To edit a radial or arc, first select it in the object list, then edit its properties in the text pane.

Both radials and arcs have the following properties.

Radials have the following additional properties.

DME arcs have the following additional properties.

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