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BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 13: Editing Point Objects

Many of the objects in a BaseOps case represents point locations. These include:


BaseOps can import waypoints, navigational aids, and VTOL pads from DAFIF. See Importing Information from DAFIF.

The different types of point objects are all edited in a similar manner. Therefore, only navigational aids will be discussed in detail. Keep in mind, however, that the following instructions (with the exception of the navaid type) also apply to other point objects.

To work with navigational aids, choose Navigational Aids from the object type selector dropdown list. Navigational aids can be added, duplicated, and deleted as described in Working with the List Pane. You can use the Add mouse tool to add new navigational aids by clicking on the map; see The Add Mouse Tool.

To edit a navigational aid, first select it in the object list, then edit its properties in the text pane.

Navigational aids have the following properties.


Points of Interest have two additional properties: the noise level reductions when windows are open and closed. These properties are used when calculating the Probability of Awakening noise metric. Suggested default values are 15 dB for windows open and 25 dB for windows closed, which correspond to national averages for residential construction per FICAN 1992.

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