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BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 19: Editing Military Operations Areas

A military operations area (MOA) is a region of airspace where aircraft engage in dispersed operations. Vertically, MOAs are defined by floor and ceiling altitudes. Horizontally, they are defined by a polygon consisting of three or more geographic points.

MOAs are used by the MRNMap noise model. Unless that model is selected, the parts of the BaseOps user interface dealing with MOAs will be hidden. See Noise Models.

To work with MOAs, choose Military Operations Areas from the object type selector dropdown list. MOAs can be added, duplicated, and deleted as described in Working with the List Pane.


BaseOps can import MOAs from DAFIF. See Importing Information from DAFIF.

To edit a MOA, first select it in the object list, then edit its properties in the text pane.

MOAs have the following properties.

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