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Wasmer Consulting - BaseOps - User's Guide - Introduction

BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 1: Introduction

What is BaseOps?

BaseOps is a graphical user interface for the Noisemap suite of aircraft noise models. This Microsoft Windows application guides you through the steps in performing an airport noise analysis: entering the aircraft operational data, running the noise models, and creating noise contours using NMPlot.

The Noisemap suite of noise models includes:

What Can BaseOps Do?

Using BaseOps, you can:

Assumptions About Users

It is assumed that you are familiar with the terms and concepts necessary to use the Noisemap suite of aircraft noise models. The BaseOps User's Guide is not a manual for conducting a noise analysis; its scope is limited to BaseOps' role as a tool in the noise analysis process.

Distribution License

BaseOps is distributed as acknowledgement-ware: it may be freely used and distributed, provided that Wasmer Consulting is acknowledged as the author.

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