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BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 24: Using Groups

BaseOps allows you to define arbitrary groups that can be used to classify objects such as flight tracks and flight profiles. For example, you can make a group called "Wing", give it possible values such as "4th Fighter Wing" and "916th Air Refueling Wing", and make it applicable to flight and static profiles.

When editing flight profiles, you would see a dropdown control labeled "Wing". You could specify that this profile represents a 4th Fighter Wing operation, while that profile represents a 916th Air Refueling Wing operation.

You could then use the Wing group for a variety of purposes, such as...

To work with groups, choose Groups from the object type selector dropdown list. Groups can be added, duplicated, and deleted as described in Working with the List Pane.

To edit a group, first select it in the object list, then edit its properties in the text pane. Groups have the following properties.

Every BaseOps case includes two predefined groups.

  1. A/C Category - This group defines the different aircraft categories, such as Based and Transient.

  2. NavAid Type - This group defines the different navigational aid types, such as VOR and TACAN.

You should not delete the predefined groups or remove any of the predefined choices. However, if you wish, you can add additional choices.

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