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BaseOps User's Guide, Chapter 17: Editing Flight Tracks

A flight track is a two-dimensional representation of an aircraft's flight path. Essentially, it is a line along the ground that defines the horizontal (but not vertical) component of the flight path.

In BaseOps, flight tracks are defined as a sequence of one or more straight and curved segments. Every flight track has an associated runway or VTOL pad that defines the track's starting location and (for runways) initial heading.

There are four types of flight tracks.


Arrival flight tracks are defined in reverse. That is, the first segment of an arrival (the one anchored to the destination runway) is the last segment that would be flown by an aircraft.

Flight tracks are used by the NMap, AAM, and RNM noise models. Unless one of these models is selected, the parts of the BaseOps user interface dealing with flight tracks will be hidden. See Noise Models.

To work with flight tracks, choose Flight Tracks from the object type selector dropdown list. Flight Tracks can be added, duplicated, and deleted as described in Working with the List Pane.

To edit a flight track, first select it in the object list, then edit its properties in the text pane.

Flight tracks have the following properties.


Using the Select and Edit map tool, you can graphically edit a flight track's segments. See The Select and Edit Mouse Tool for more information.

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