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The data entry component for the Noisemap suite of aircraft noise models

Latest Version
Version 7.363
What's New?
The Noisemap suite of noise models may be freely downloaded, used, and distributed, as described in the License to Have and Use Noisemap.
Microsoft Windows XP or later
100 MB disk space
BaseOps is distributed as part of Noisemap. The Noisemap installation routine will install the latest versions of BaseOps, NMap, MRNMap, Noisefile, Omega10, Omega11, and NMPlot.
Download Noisemap (31.79 MB)
See Getting Started in the BaseOps User's Guide for help on installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Noisemap.
Optional RNM Module
The Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM) is distributed as an optional, separately-installed module of Noisemap. Install RNM only if you need to perform a noise analysis involving RNM aircraft. See Installing the Optional RNM Model in the BaseOps User's Guide for instructions on obtaining and installing RNM.
User's Guide
Download as PDF File (2.63 MB)
Download as Plain Text (350.11 KB)
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Mailing List
Join the mailing list, and be notified by e-mail when new versions of BaseOps are released.
Training Class Notification
Subscribe to the Noisemap training class notification service, and be notified when training classes are scheduled.
Give us your feedback. Send an e-mail to wasmer@wasmerconsulting.com . Ask a question. Make a comment or suggestion. Report a bug.
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What is BaseOps?

BaseOps is a graphical user interface for the Noisemap suite of aircraft noise models. This Microsoft Windows application guides you through the steps in performing an airport noise analysis: entering the aircraft operational data, running the noise models, and creating noise contours using NMPlot.

The Noisemap suite of noise models includes:

What Can BaseOps Do?

Using BaseOps, you can:

Noisemap Training Classes

The United States Air Force periodically conducts training classes in the use of Noisemap. If you are interested in attending such a class, go to the Noisemap Training Classes page and subscribe to the training class notification service.

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