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Wasmer Consulting

Wasmer Consulting

Wasmer Consulting is a software development firm specializing in scientific and engineering applications. Since 1989, Wasmer Consulting has been developing products with an emphasis on quality and usability.


  NMPlot is an application for viewing and editing sets of georeferenced data points. NMPlot can produce contour and color gradient plots, apply mathematical transformations to data sets, combine data sets, and interface with GIS systems.

  BaseOps is a graphical user interface for the Noisemap suite of aircraft noise models. This application guides you through the steps in performing an airport noise analysis: entering the aircraft operational data, running the NMap, MRNMap, and RNM noise models, and creating noise contours using NMPlot.

  NMGF is a standard file format for storing sets of georeferenced data points. These data sets represent measurable quantities that vary with geographic location. Examples include predicted noise levels around an airport, monthly records of rainfall across a state, and water temperature measurements in a lake.

Fred Wasmer

Wasmer Consulting's founder and president, Fred Wasmer, grew up in rural Arkansas, not far from the Mississippi River. In the summer of 1978, he worked on his dad's soybean farm, saving money to buy his first computer: a Radio Shack TRS-80. He has been programming ever since.

To learn more, visit Mr. Wasmer's home page.

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